Chelsea modified

scheduled Q was quarantined so YHC stepped into the role. Weather: 70F and clear Pax: Pontoon19, Spud, State, Kitty, Motorboat Disclaimer, Core Principles, and Mission statement Warmup:Shoulder pretzelsWindmillsISTSSHRun around the rotunda Thang: Just kidding! Mary to start. 5 “W” raises60 seconds knees slides10 Butterfly situps45 seconds corkscrewslevitation crunch x 10 Big Bois with rotation x … More Chelsea modified

Aug 7th – CSAUP Beatdown #1

Big EZ – August 7th at 0000 for beatdown #1 of an all night 8-beatdown extravaganza 25 Pax Posted: Beefsteak(Q), Pantalones, Snitches, Butterfly, Wrigley, Kitty, Nomad, Klinger, Bumblebee, Springbok, Snaphook, DigDug, Wooly Dutchman, Receptor, Swan, Sarge, Ten Point, Biscuit, Pickles, DC, Motorboat, McStuffins, Headlock, Cheeseball, Zamboni Warmup: SSH, Abe Vagotas, Weed Pickers, Arm Circles Mosey … More Aug 7th – CSAUP Beatdown #1

8/9/21 Grizzly Blocks

Clear and refreshing Monday morning at Grizzly Pax: Teller, Mr. Bean, Coyote, Kitty, Wrigley, Cosmo, Piddles, Chirp Chirp, Pappy, High Tower, Spaceballs, FNG, Motorboat (Q) Disclaimer, core principles, mission Warmup:SSHAbe VigotaKick with TwistShoulder pull downsShoulder push outsmoseyFlutter Kicks x25 IC Thang:all IC x10Y’sW’sT’sTempo SquatsSumo Tempo SquatsNarrow Tempo SquatsFlutter KicksWall Squats with block out in front … More 8/9/21 Grizzly Blocks

Motorboat 1000

16 pax at 0200 for the 3rd beatdown of the CSAUP warmup: 25 SSH IC Thang: 100 Overhead clap IC50 Moroccan night club IC25 cherry pickers IC line up shortest to tallest. Circle up and pass the shield at chest level mosey to fitness pad1000 2ct flutter kicksif you need to set your feet down … More Motorboat 1000

Improvised workout

Weather 75F with clouds. Muggy Pax: Motorboat, Doozy, Miranda, Blades, Kitty Warmup: SSH, air lat pull downs, Abe vigoda, mosey, Frankenstein walk Thang: Had to improvise so we did a Tabbata workout. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. 1 minute break and then the next exercise. bicep curlsdips on the benchchest presssuperman … More Improvised workout