Welcome to THE PIT!

5/12/2020 Broad Ripple’s Newest AO was launched today with a baker’s dozen (13) showing up for the inaugural workout! Here is how it went. Q: Cornwallis Pax: Chirp Chirp, Cosmo, Groupie, Square, Kitty, Dr. Porkchop, Nomad, Khaki, Brickyard, Dry Rub, Woody Woodpecker, FNG (Eric) Disclaimer, Core Principles, and Social distance (COVID 19) Reminders Warm-o-rama: Side … More Welcome to THE PIT!

Nomad’s 1yr Anniversary Q (A Weasel Shaker Special)

35ish degrees and clear…22 PAX! Warmup: There are 2 alphanumeric characters in “F3.” F is the sixth letter in the alphabet…add that to the three and you get 9. 2-9…29th of January was my first workout with F3! 29 SSH counting together. 1/29 was the date that day. 1+2+9=12 which is the number of months … More Nomad’s 1yr Anniversary Q (A Weasel Shaker Special)


12 PAX posted in the 18°F gloom to recover from all of these beatdowns now that we are 6x/week in Indy. Disclaimer was given and we got to it. Warm Up: Heat Rises DeCalf x25 ic Squativator x10 ic Burpees x10 oyo Swimmer x25 ic Merkin Waves x10 ic Dry Docks x10 ic The Thang: … More Recovery

Coming in Hot VQ

Weather: Mid 20’s and very calm. As good as you can expect for January in Indiana 21 PAX posted at the Hill (tying a beatdown record): Snooki, Mr. Belding, State, Beefsteak, Beater, Bumblebee, Cheddar, Nomad, Zamboni, KC, Clancy, Khaki, Wrigley, Logger, Headlock, Dry Rub, Snaphook, Optimus, Motorboat, Clubber, Dr. Porkchop Disclaimer given Warm Up: SSH, … More Coming in Hot VQ

Friday Block Party

Weather: 20 degrees, clear, with a cool breeze PAX: Khaki, Motorboat, Lincoln Log, Clubber, Dr. Porkchop, Kindergarten Cop, Chirp Chirp (FNG), Dry Rub, Nomad (Q) Warmup: SSH IC x20, Block step up right IC x20, Block step up left IC x20, arm circles front IC x20, arm circles back IC x20 Thang: Zamperini around the … More Friday Block Party

Friday Block Party

Weather: 50ish and rainy PAX: Khaki, Motorboat, Tulip, Kindergarten Cop, Dr. Porkchop, Dry Rub, Woolly Dutchman, Clubber, Snaphook, Nomad (Q) Warmup: SSH IC x20, weep pickers IC x20, forward arm circles IC x20, backward arm circles IC x20, Rocky Balboas IC x20 Thang: completed pairs of exercises, transitioning from 1st to 2nd without break, completing … More Friday Block Party

Into the Dark

15 PAX posted for the third installment of F3 Fishers, now officially known as, “GRIZZLY”. The weather was 27°F and clear, and the PAX were excited to get to it. The goal of today was to slow down the pace a little and begin to explain how to put together a F3 workout to the … More Into the Dark

Friday Block Party

PAX: Khaki, Motorboat, Daddy Style, Tulip, Zamboni, Dry Rub, Nomad (Q) Weather: 35, clear and calm Warmup: SSH IC x20, right Block step up IC x20, left block step up IC x20, weed pickers IC x20, overhead claps IC x20 Thang: “Shared Pain” we carried blocks Zamporini-style as a group until one person had to … More Friday Block Party