IPC Week 2

The Pit – 9/14/2021 Weather: 69 degrees, feels like 70 degrees. Humidity 87%, Wind 1 mph from SSW Pax: Square, Dr. Porkchop, Proximity (Q) Welcome, 5 Core Principles Warm: Stretching, SSH, Imp Walkers, WP, CH Squats, Little Baby Arm Circles, Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles Thang: Mosey to the schoolyard IPC Week 2: Round 1 … More IPC Week 2

99s at the Pit

The Pit – 9/9/2021 Weather: 58 Degrees, Feels like 58 Degrees, 83% Humidity, Wind 1 mph from NNW Pax: Cornwallis, Square, Proximity (QIC), Dr. Porkchop Welcome, disclaimer, 5 core principles Warmup: SSH x19, WP x 9, AV x 9, Shoulder Taps x 9, Imp Walkers x 9, Copperhead Squats x 9 – All IC Mosey … More 99s at the Pit

Ramped up at The Vet

Weather: 27, Slick, Cold, Gloomy Pax: Dr.P, Pontoon, Woolly, Clancy, Snaphook Warm0- rubberbands, thigh stretchers, windmills, Frankenstein march. After some warm-up discussion and scouting it was confirmed we would run ramps at Veterans Garage. we put in @ 3 miles. and the garmin says we got in 37 flights of stairs. sprints were mostly avoided … More Ramped up at The Vet

WHAT? A Mud Ball!

The Scene; Windy, 37 degrees. 4 Brave Pax Dr. Porkchop, Square, Cornwallis and Snaphook(Q). Warmo- Seal Jacks, Abe Vigoda, Goofball & Mosey to Target/Movie Theater area. switcheroo; Lengthy visit w Mary 1st. 10 X’s and O’s 40 WW2 Sit ups 30 Freddie Mercuries IC 40 Flutter Kicks 30 LBC’s IC 20 Heels to Heaven 10 … More WHAT? A Mud Ball!