Welcome to DC’s ool, notice there is no P… keep it that way!!

Weather: the one dry area in the north side. 81 degrees Pax: DC (co-Q) Zoolander (co-Q) Disclaimer was given and the fun began Warm up: Get into the cold pool and do arm circles forward (10) and backwards (10) with arms under water. Under water toe touches-right over left and then reverse. The thang: DC … More Welcome to DC’s ool, notice there is no P… keep it that way!!

Good Night Cindy

Warm 74 degrees 2 Pax showed up for the block party:DC and Zoolander (Q) Disclaimer and 5 principles  Warm up- 20 imperial walkers  15 weed pickers 10 arm circles 10 arm circles  Thang  Wall sits with Cindy  ·         1 minute block on lap  ·         1 min “How they Hanging”  ·         1 min zamp hold  ·         1 min curl hold  … More Good Night Cindy

ADB Block Party

Weather- 52 and SUNNY (weird right!?!) Pax – DC and Zoolander (Q) Welcome, Core Principles, Disclaimer Warm-Up Arm CirclesIC x 15 IC (forward and backwards) Imperial Walkers IC x20 Motivator from 5 The Thang: It’s Arm Day B*%#€es Arms EMOMs (Complete each exercise for 1 minute then rest for 2 minutes and move on to … More ADB Block Party

20/40 stations

Weather: a beautiful partly cloudy 52 degree night Pax: 6 pax showed up for Owlbear, Zoolander (Q), Zamboni, DC, Kenny, Cosmo, Bueller Warm ups: Weed pickers IC (12), Air pushes IC (20), Imperial Walkers IC (15), Arm Circles IC (10 forward/10 backward) Beat Down: 6 stations set up (Kettle Bell Swings, SSH, Goblet Squats, Over … More 20/40 stations