6 rounds & crawling around

  5 men posted in the slightly warm, slightly rainy gloom for a classic beat down. Here’s what we did: Warm Up Capri lap SSH Shoulder Pretzels Windmills The Thang (Exercise 1, Mosey, Exercise 1 & 2, Mosey, etc) 5 Burpees 10 merkins 15 crab cakes 20 LBC 25 air squats 30 SSH Mosey Bear … More 6 rounds & crawling around


Yoga/Gumbi Q

Warm Up Side straddle hops Heisman Hops Air Squats Mosey to the other side of the building Tibetan 5 Rights (21 reps each) Mosey Core work (C-Sit Position) Leg Lift w/Hold (3 position) Leg Lift Splits and Raise Oblique Leg Lift and Hold Vertical Scissors hold Horizontal Scissors with Hold Mosey Plank Balance Work High … More Yoga/Gumbi Q


6 PAX showed up in the Gloom to Rinse and Repeat and Rinse and Repeat. This was our first HIIT workout and boy did we feel it at the end. Here’s what we did: Warm Up Jog SSH High Knees Windmill Butt kickers Mummy Kicks R&Rx3 The Thang Mini Rocket Burpees B-Ball Ct Merkins Air … More R&R

Bring the Heat 

Warm UpSide straddle hops High Knees Low Plank Straddle hops Peter Parkers Mosey Second Warm up The Motivator from 9 (we added a forward swing motion to make it more fun) Note: Congrats to Darius for his first Motivator – You’re welcome…  Calf Stretches Hamstring Stretches Arm Circles Mosey to the Fish Bowl The ‘Bring … More Bring the Heat 

‘Thanks Wapner’ Q

The Thang Warm Up Side straddle hops High Knees Plank Stradle hops Mountain Climbers Low Plank Stradle hops Step and Twist Happy Birthday Burpees for Zamboni NOTE: Zamboni carried 2 brick presents around the workout for his birthday. Indian Run Mosey Hands up Hands out The ‘Thanks Wapner’ Thang Parking Lot Walking Merkin Series Regular … More ‘Thanks Wapner’ Q