8/9/21 Grizzly Blocks

Clear and refreshing Monday morning at Grizzly Pax: Teller, Mr. Bean, Coyote, Kitty, Wrigley, Cosmo, Piddles, Chirp Chirp, Pappy, High Tower, Spaceballs, FNG, Motorboat (Q) Disclaimer, core principles, mission Warmup:SSHAbe VigotaKick with TwistShoulder pull downsShoulder push outsmoseyFlutter Kicks x25 IC Thang:all IC x10Y’sW’sT’sTempo SquatsSumo Tempo SquatsNarrow Tempo SquatsFlutter KicksWall Squats with block out in front … More 8/9/21 Grizzly Blocks

APFT Training

4 PAX at grizzly on 6/25 for a bit of APFT training. I fully understand that no one is doing an army physical fitness test anytime soon.. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to at least be prepared. Men in attendance were Cosmo, Coyote, Pappy & Spaceballs. Warm upSSH x30Weed Pickers X10Abe Vigoda X10Toy Soldiers x10Arm … More APFT Training