The return of Combine

Weather 57, partly cloudy, and perfect. Pax- Combine, FNG Clint, Slider, Headlock, Butterfly, Biscuit & Snaphook. Disclaimer and Core’s announced. WarmO included- Toy Soldiers, Seal Jacks, Hillbilly Walkers, Nancy Kerrigans, FNG rolled in hot, Mosey to the musicians and Weed Pickers. Thang. Dora’s and Mary and More Dora’s. 100 Merkins 200 BBSU 300 200 Prisoner … More The return of Combine

Leg Day

Weather: 63 Pax: Brickyard, Slider, Combine, Snaphook. WarmO- Seal Jacks 15IC, Windmills 10IC, Flying Sungods 10 IC&reverse. 1/2 Mile Mosey (Brickyard reminded Q it was not interval run day). Veterans Way Garage. Lunge-walk-walk-Lunge 75 yds. mosey to 2nd level. 25 hillbilly walker squats. mosey down ramp- partner up. P1 does exercise while P2 bernie sanders … More Leg Day