The return of Combine

Weather 57, partly cloudy, and perfect. Pax- Combine, FNG Clint, Slider, Headlock, Butterfly, Biscuit & Snaphook. Disclaimer and Core’s announced. WarmO included- Toy Soldiers, Seal Jacks, Hillbilly Walkers, Nancy Kerrigans, FNG rolled in hot, Mosey to the musicians and Weed Pickers. Thang. Dora’s and Mary and More Dora’s. 100 Merkins 200 BBSU 300 200 Prisoner … More The return of Combine

Don’t Hate, Gladiate

The BigEZ – 71 degrees, 97% Humidity 7 PAX at Big EZ for a Competitive Gladiator Beatdown! – Brickyard, Butterfly, McStuffins (Mod), Mullet, Pantalones, Springbok, and Toto (Q) F3 mission: to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. 5 core principles: Always Free, Open to All … More Don’t Hate, Gladiate

4/15/21 – The Vet – Pick Your Partner Well

Weather: 38, light wind Pax: Nomad, Beefsteak, McStuffins, Butterfly, Khaki, Biscuit, Slider (q)5 principals Open to all men Free of charge Always outside Peer led Ends in COT Disclaimer (almost forgot this…was done during the warm up) Warm up Motivator from 5 Arm Circles (Forward and Backward) – 20 Abe Vigodas – 10 Frankenstein walk … More 4/15/21 – The Vet – Pick Your Partner Well

Not the Original F3 workout (1/1/11), this was just a tribute.

New Years Eve, 12/31/2020, 3 PAX, The Vet, 24 degrees and calm PAX: Clancy, Butterfly, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Disclaimer Warmup: 25 SSH IC, 15 snow pickers IC Thang: The tribute. Mosey to the Monon tunnel. 10 merkins IC 10 wide arm merkins IC incline merkins on steps, increasing reps by one on each step, starting … More Not the Original F3 workout (1/1/11), this was just a tribute.

Watch for Traffic

Weather: 21deg, no wind, partly cloudy Admin: Always free, open to all men, outdoors, peer led, ends in COT; Nobody is responsible for you except yourself, modify as needed Warmup: 10x side straddle hop, 10x imperial walkers, 10x butt kickers all in cadence; mosey to stairs; walk up stairs, calf raise at each step, lunge … More Watch for Traffic

Christmas Eve Census

Weather: 23. Chilly, Windy Census of Pax: Nomad, Butterfly, Maize, Snaphook (Q). Disclaimer and Core’s blurted out. Warmo- Seal Jacks, Weed Pickers, Imperial Walkers Non short cut mosey to Veterans garage and up too many ramps. Thang. Distance Partner AROD 3-2-1 (backwards DORA) P1 exercises while P2 runs up the ramp and back to randomly … More Christmas Eve Census

Run Heavy

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 30 Welcome: Free of charge, open to all men, outdoors rain or shine, peer led, ends in circle of trust Disclaimer (not professional, me/F3/Zionsville Parks and Rec), modify, carry you to your car, ETC. Warmup: Side straddle hops x 20 (IC), Weed pickers x 20 (IC), Finkle Swing Kicks x 20 (IC), … More Run Heavy

would you rather

10 pax braved the gloom on a gorgeous rainy 43 degree morning. Disclaimer given Warmorama– AbeVigoda, SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs & Mosey The Thang. each pax takes turns answering would you rather questions, no wrong answers. exercises pre determined to stated answer. pax not privy… Would you rather have more TIME or more MONEY?  15 … More would you rather