A HIIT of Yoga

Weather: 56 degree, clear starry sky, couldn’t be more perfect. PAX: Headlock, Bumblebee, Ringo, State, Wrigley, PVC, Logger Disclaimer Given Warmup: 20 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Windmills, 15 Seal Jacks, 10 Weed Pickers Thang: HIIT – 1:30 of exercise and 2:00 to run and 5 burpees. Exercises were Mericans, Squats, Vups, Carolina Dry Docks, … More A HIIT of Yoga

4-11s at the Hill

August 12, 2021 9 Pax posted at the Hill: State, Headlock, Optimus, Bumblebee, Blades, Biscuit, Nomad, Zamboni, Q-Snooki. Weather was 80 with some wind. YHC was in shorts and short sleeves. Warmup: Side lunges, kick w/ twist, Abe Vagodas and Arm circle. Thang: Seems like there are more 7-11s in NJ than here and YHC … More 4-11s at the Hill

Aug 7th – CSAUP Beatdown #1

Big EZ – August 7th at 0000 for beatdown #1 of an all night 8-beatdown extravaganza 25 Pax Posted: Beefsteak(Q), Pantalones, Snitches, Butterfly, Wrigley, Kitty, Nomad, Klinger, Bumblebee, Springbok, Snaphook, DigDug, Wooly Dutchman, Receptor, Swan, Sarge, Ten Point, Biscuit, Pickles, DC, Motorboat, McStuffins, Headlock, Cheeseball, Zamboni Warmup: SSH, Abe Vagotas, Weed Pickers, Arm Circles Mosey … More Aug 7th – CSAUP Beatdown #1

Motorboat 1000

16 pax at 0200 for the 3rd beatdown of the CSAUP warmup: 25 SSH IC Thang: 100 Overhead clap IC50 Moroccan night club IC25 cherry pickers IC line up shortest to tallest. Circle up and pass the shield at chest level mosey to fitness pad1000 2ct flutter kicksif you need to set your feet down … More Motorboat 1000

HIIT and Yoga

Weather: 57 degrees and stars in the sky PAX: Bumblebee, State, Faceoff, Bondo, Quickdraw, Zamboni, Logger Disclaimer Given Thang: The first part was all about HIIT (1 minute on, 30 seconds rest): Burpees, Imperial Squat Walkers, Lunge w/knee raise, reverse plank with knee raise, and mericans. The second part was yoga where I channeled my … More HIIT and Yoga

Ultimate seems to be picking up momentum….

Warm-o-Rama.                          Abe Vagoda 10 IC.                     Imperial walkers 10IC.             Kick with a twist 10 IC. Hillbilly walkers oyo while each pax ran the circle. Arm pretzels 10 IC THE THANG. Ultimate, which is soccer with a frisbee! The Moleskin. As usual when I am the Q there were plenty of comments like oh yeah do we … More Ultimate seems to be picking up momentum….

F3 UF at the Hill, 7/21/21

Whole squad out in a lovely 62° gloom for a large 22-man single UF game. ​Warmed up with some side straddle hops and speedy arm circles. Notable athleticism from Chirp Chirp, masterful throws from Peaches, and some clutch moments from Snaphook. 5x Diamond Push-ups was our punishment.

Ruck with Benefits

7.10.2021 The Hill – 63 degrees, light rain 9 PAX at the Hill for a Saturday Ruck! – Headlock, Hanson, Bumblebee, Biscuit, Optimus, PVC, Snooki, Puzzler (2.0), Ace (Q) F3 mission: to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. 5 core principles: Always Free, Open to … More Ruck with Benefits