A beat down to be thankful…. it’s over!

34 degrees- nice brisk morning as 14 PAX gathered to make room for some turkey and gravy tomorrow! Gasman, Piper, Sliot, Boucher, Bubblicious, Proximity, Blades, Jay-Z, Wapner, CrabbyPO, Popeye, Humdinger, Pew Pew, Daisy-QIC Warm-up Albatross Wing- 20 reps each exercise Leg blaster Motivator from 8 Prisoner run to stairs Musical stairs: 3 groups, two workout … More A beat down to be thankful…. it’s over!


Blocks and Bags

August 13th, 2021 14 PAX at the Hill for a block party with blocks and bags: GTL, Motorboat, Faceoff, Headlock, Hanson, Teddy Bear, Blades, Cheeseball, State, Khaki, Nomad, Square, Kindergarten Cop, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Warm-up: SSH IC, weed pickers IC, arm circles IC Shoulder carry blocks out to softball field, partner up, one team of … More Blocks and Bags

CSAUP Stop 7 – Grizzly Cooper

65 and calm. 20 Pax reporting (Pantelones, dilly dilly, Motorboat, Kitty, Optimus, Zamboni, Wriggly, Bumblebee, Quick, Blades, Coyote, Sarge, Snooki, Wooly Dutchman, cheeseball, Klinger, Nomad, Headlock, Ponzi, McStuffins, Coyote-Q) Disclaimer Given and 5 Core Principles. *** Warm Up *** •       SSH IC x33 •       Arm Circles IC x20 •       Moroccan Nightclubs IC x20 •       Squat … More CSAUP Stop 7 – Grizzly Cooper

ultimate beatdown

Weather 57. 21 pax. 18 for ultimate, Cheeseball led Odyssey and Ladybird through a beatdown. disclaimer and core’s announced. WarmO- SSH, Kick with a Twist, weedpickers, rubberbands and counting off. Game started out rough for the heavily favored home team. after a 4-0 deficit Cornwallis was acquired for a player to be named and cash … More ultimate beatdown

Improvised workout

Weather 75F with clouds. Muggy Pax: Motorboat, Doozy, Miranda, Blades, Kitty Warmup: SSH, air lat pull downs, Abe vigoda, mosey, Frankenstein walk Thang: Had to improvise so we did a Tabbata workout. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. 1 minute break and then the next exercise. bicep curlsdips on the benchchest presssuperman … More Improvised workout