10,051 – 10SEP2021

Weather – Clear, 60 degrees Q – Klinger (VQ) PAX: Kindergarten Cop, Khaki, Wrigley, Hoover, Je-Nay, Beater, Motorboat, Wilson, Pontoon-19, Headlock, Cheeseball, Beefsteak, Swan, Square, Spud, Snaphook Disclaimer Given Warm-up: Short Mosey, Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigodas, Weedpickers Thang: “10,051” was the rep count to honor those that died during the 9/11 attacks and the … More 10,051 – 10SEP2021

Ramped up

Weather: light rain, muggy. Pax: Brickyard, Beater, Snaphook WarmO: Imperial Walkers- Toy Soldiers – SSH – WeedPickers. Mosey, Carioca, Highknees, buttkickers to City Center stairs. Mosey to Veterans way Garage. Run all flats- Run all ramps. at the top of each ramp do the set of exercises. take stairs down. 3 rounds. 4 ramps each … More Ramped up

Clancy’s cake

Weather 66, and calm Pax: Clancy, Genie, Sub Zero, Wrigley, Biscuit, Nomad, Brickyard, FNG (Brian), Teddybear, GTL, Slider, Beater, Snaphook (Q). Disclaimer and Core P’s. check. Warmo: 10IC Kick w a Twist, 20IC SSH, 10IC Toy Soldiers, 10IC Imperial Walkers, 10IC Weedpickers Indian Run to Cake Bake. Circle Merkins Thang; accumulative 100’s P1 exercise while … More Clancy’s cake

blimps, lots of em

Weather 57 Pax: Wilson, Slider, Genie, Beater & Snaphook (Q) Disclaimer and Core’s were discussed WarmO Kick w a Twist 10IC weed pickers 10IC Sungods 10IC flapjack Sealjacks 10IC Thang : Blimps at 4 corners of Carter Green/Farmers market area. Mosey/Slowsy between 5 Burpees 10 Lunges 2/1 15 Imperial Walkers 20 Merkins 25 Plank Jacks … More blimps, lots of em

The rest of the bracket

Weather : 46. Mild with a back cooling dew Pax: 21 Genie, Warm Glow, Beater, Logger, McStuffins, Bumblebee, State, Clancy, Biscuit, Slider, Pickles, Nomad, Pontoon-19, Faceoff, Tulip, Beefsteak, FNG-Jeremy, Shawshank, Cheeseball, Candi, Snaphook (Q) Disclaimer and Core Principles announced at tip off. WarmO- SSH, Weed Pickers, Abe Vighodas, Sun Gods & 400 Meter Mosey 2 … More The rest of the bracket

Around the Horn

Tuesday, March 16 2021: 17 Pax posted at the Hill for Around the Horn. Nomad, Wrigley, Beater, Snooki, Snaphook, Zamboni, Woolly Dutchman, Biscuit, Cheeseball, Candi, Fantana, Faceoff, Bumblebee, Optimus, Logger, Genie, and Slider (Q). Weather: 36, wet, no wind, little fog. Disclaimer: Not an expert, Neither F3, Northview, nor I am responsible. Will help you back to … More Around the Horn

Sectional Interval

7 Pax rolled out of the fartsack with enthusiastic thoughts of running @ the Vet. Pontoon-19, Slider, Tulip, Clancy, Beater, Wilson & Snaphook 22.4 miles were covered (combined) We headed North towards Westfield, most of the pax tried not to mention the Sectional Championship game too often as Tulip didn’t need any reminding.. Great hustle … More Sectional Interval


Weather:             Clear and 31.  Perfect! Pax:                       Beater, Bumblebee, Jeeves, Optimus, Logger, Khaki, State, Fantana, FaceOff, BubbleBath, Kitty, Snooki, Slider, SnapHook, ChirpChirp, Biscuit (Q) Principles:           YHC was so excited to begin on time he forgot to remind all of the Core Principles before trying to Warmup (thanks Khaki). WARM UP:          10           WEEDPICKERS – IC 10           IMPERIAL … More Pyramids