867-5309 Beat Down

4/26/22 at Ground Zero. 39 degrees and calm. 4 pax reporting. @Nomad @Biscuit @CheeseBall @coyote (Q) Disclaimer Given, 5 Core Principles, and Mission. *** WARM UP ***• Weed picker ICx15• SSH IC x20 (1st 5 counted IC and all pax had to do silently to 20 and end at the same time.)• Armorama – Arm … More 867-5309 Beat Down

Ground Zero – 9/21/21

Weather:             66 degrees and dry Pax:                       DC, Biscuit (Q) Recited F3 Five Core Principles and disclaimers. WARM UP 10           WEEDPICKERS 10           HILLBILLY WALKERS 10           ARM CIRCLES 10           ARM PRETZELS                 MOTIVATOR FROM 5 THANG 100         SHOULDER TAPS 100        MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 100         DIPS 100         MERKINS – HANDRELEASE/DECLINE/INCLINE 40           OVERHEAD CLAPS 20           BURPEES GUMBY MOUNTAIN POSE … More Ground Zero – 9/21/21


Weather: 68 Pax : Slider, Kitty, and Snaphook. WarmO: Kick w a Twist – Seal Jacks – Arm Circles – Weed Pickers, mosey to playground. Ladders. do 1 rep of each.2 of each…3… and up to 10 Ladder 1. Merkins | BBSU | Squats. mosey and 5 SSH IC Ladder 2. Reverse Crunch | Plank … More Ladders

Beach Bags

August 12th, 2021 3 PAX at Ground Zero in humid weather: Logger, Chirp Chirp, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Warm-up: 10 SSH IC, 10 weed pickers IC, 10 forward arm circles IC Thang: Mosey to sand volleyball court Round 1 Station 1 – in the sand 1 pax did 10 Turkish get-ups with 20 lbs sand bag … More Beach Bags

Take Me Out to the Ball Game – 07.27.21 @ GZ

Weather…humid, 60’s (you want a weather forecast or you want to get stronger?) Pax reporting…Kitty and Wrigley (Q) Welcome and disclaimer We warmed up doing stuff like windmills, arm circles, weed pickers, and stretches Mosey on the outside path of the park to the 3:00 hand, then straight in and toward the ball diamonds. Grizzcalator … More Take Me Out to the Ball Game – 07.27.21 @ GZ

7/22/21 – Ground Zero – 60’s for Headlock

Weather: 64, cool and breezy PAX: DC, CheeseBall(Q) 5 Core Principals:  Always outside Open to all men Free Peer Led Ends in circle of trust Disclaimer: F3, Holland park, fishers, not Cheeseball is responsible.  Modify if needed Warm up: Weed pickers, IC, 10SSH, IC, 20Imperial Walkers, IC, 10 Thang: Run the outskirt of the park with … More 7/22/21 – Ground Zero – 60’s for Headlock