05/11/2021 – The Vet – DOP GARAGE POKER

Posting Pax – Tulip, Slider, Cheeseball, Biscuit, Nomad, FNGx2 (Jason – Rename Requested), Wilson The morning gloom at 43 degrees starter out well for this VQ with some questions and nervous jitters of excitement and angst of a new leader. Started out with normal Cheeseball mumble chatter and warmups. 10 SSH10 WP10 Arm CirclesFrankenstein across … More 05/11/2021 – The Vet – DOP GARAGE POKER


Bermuda Triangle, destroyer of arms

Slackblast:Bermuda Triangle- destroyer of armsDATE: 2022-09-09AO: #aoblackcatQ: @DaisyPAX: @Bueller @CrabbyPO @Jar Jar @Jay-Z @Stache @Heat Pump @Boucher , Pew pewFNGs: NoneCOUNT: 9WARMUP:Albatross wingLeg stretchScorpionTHE THANG:Bermuda Triangle with arm heavy exercises at each location Playground: 10 rep each, pull ups, dips, dirty hook-ups Large shelter: 10 rep each; abyss merkins, incline merkins, decline merkins Bath house; … More Bermuda Triangle, destroyer of arms

Tabata and More!

8/10/22 at Grizzly. 65 and misty. 7 pax reporting. Kitty, Wrigley, Pappy, Cosmo, Newman, FNG Travis, Coyote (Q) Disclaimer Given, 5 Core Principles, and Mission. *** WARM UP ***• Side Straddle Hops IC x20• Imperial Walkers IC x10• Weed pickers IC x10• Imperial Walkers IC x10• Armorama (Arm Circles, Arm Pretzels, Wonder Woman’s) *** THANG … More Tabata and More!

Have block- will carry

Slackblast:Have blocks- will carryDATE: 2022-05-16AO: #aoblackcatQ: @DaisyPAX: @Boucher @Bubblicious @Bueller @CrabbyPO @Gasman @Jar Jar @Jay-Z @Piper of BlackCat @Sliot @StacheFNGs: Pew pewCOUNT: 12WARMUP: Shoulder pretzels- 20ICMoroccan night clubs- 20ICGrass pickers- 15ICSumo squats- 15ICStretch tight OYO THE THANG: Farmer carry and 5 merkins with partner then flap jack once you catch him. Block stations: 20 repsSkull … More Have block- will carry

Stair lap alphabet

Slackblast:Stair lap alphabetDATE: 2022-05-09AO: #aoblackcatQ: @DaisyPAX: @Boucher @Bubblicious @Bueller @Gasman @Jar Jar @Jay-Z @Piper of BlackCat @Stache @WapnerFNGs: NoneCOUNT: 10WARMUP: arm stretch OYO, leg stretch OYOTHE THANG: Mosey to stairsStair lap alphabetA- air squatsB- burpeesC- Carolina dry dockD- dirty hook upE- el captain (lunges where hands touch ground)F- flutter kicksG- gorilla humpersH- heels to heavenI- … More Stair lap alphabet