Blocks and Bags

August 13th, 2021 14 PAX at the Hill for a block party with blocks and bags: GTL, Motorboat, Faceoff, Headlock, Hanson, Teddy Bear, Blades, Cheeseball, State, Khaki, Nomad, Square, Kindergarten Cop, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Warm-up: SSH IC, weed pickers IC, arm circles IC Shoulder carry blocks out to softball field, partner up, one team of … More Blocks and Bags

Beach Bags

August 12th, 2021 3 PAX at Ground Zero in humid weather: Logger, Chirp Chirp, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Warm-up: 10 SSH IC, 10 weed pickers IC, 10 forward arm circles IC Thang: Mosey to sand volleyball court Round 1 Station 1 – in the sand 1 pax did 10 Turkish get-ups with 20 lbs sand bag … More Beach Bags


March 1st, 2021 PAX: Nomad, Biscuit, Logger, Fantana Ringo, Spud, Good, Bubble Bath, Warm Glow, Short Stick, FNG Scott, Cheeseball, Motorboat, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Runners ran. Ruckers had a nice TWoC recovery ruck. Great kickoff to our March can drive, prayed for Good’s son and our FNG Scott’s tough day/week ahead. Thank you men for … More Ruck/Run

Block Party Wheel of Fun: Mila’s Favorite Things!

January 8th, 2021 21 PAX at the Hill for a block party. 30 degrees, 10 MPH wind, feels like 21 degrees, clear PAX: Pontoon-19, Nomad, Maize, Khaki, Clancy, Motorboat, Biscuit, State, Dr. Porkchop, Bubble Bath, Spud, Cheeseball, Chirp Chirp, Warm Glow, Snaphook, Wrigley, Jeeves, Fantana, Kitty, Kindergarten Cop, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Warm-up: Listen to motivational … More Block Party Wheel of Fun: Mila’s Favorite Things!

Not the Original F3 workout (1/1/11), this was just a tribute.

New Years Eve, 12/31/2020, 3 PAX, The Vet, 24 degrees and calm PAX: Clancy, Butterfly, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Disclaimer Warmup: 25 SSH IC, 15 snow pickers IC Thang: The tribute. Mosey to the Monon tunnel. 10 merkins IC 10 wide arm merkins IC incline merkins on steps, increasing reps by one on each step, starting … More Not the Original F3 workout (1/1/11), this was just a tribute.

the respect

December 10, 2020 – Beatdown at The Hill. 28 degrees, clear, crisp. Welcome to F3, 5 principles of F3. (disclaimer?) 14 PAX: Bumblebee, Optimus, Faceoff, Cheeseball, State, FNG Roland, Achy Breaky, Heartthrob, Fantana, FNG Joel, Buiscuit, Bubble Bath, Snitches, Woolly Dutchman (Q) Get loose OYO while getting pumped up listening to the ‘You vs. 2nd … More the respect

Pre-game Ruck

October 17th, 2020 – 36 Degrees, clear sky 14 PAX at the Hill for the pregame ruck. PAX: Headlock, One Direction (downrange), FNG Matt, Sarge, Optimus, Kneehigh, Snooki, Marshall, Bumblebee, Khaki, Spaceballs (downrange), Clancy, Pontoon-19, Q-Woolly Dutchman The ruck came in at about 3.5 miles and we passed around a couple of coupons. An amazing … More Pre-game Ruck