7/13 at The Pit

Weather: coolish, humid-ish, pretty nice, frankly Pax: Cornwallis, Square, Nina, Khaki, Nomad Warmup: SSH IC x20, WO IC x10, IW IC x10, Arm circles forward and backward IC x10, 10 burpees OYO, mosey to the school playground Thang: stopped to get two blocks on the way for a station circuit workout. The five stations were … More 7/13 at The Pit

6/26 at The Depot

Weather: 75, slight breeze, pretty nice Pax: Wilson, Quaffle, Toga, FNG-Bentley, Nomad Warmup: SSH IC x20, WP IC x10, IW IC x10, AC IC Fx10, Bx10, 10 burpees OYO, Mosey Thang: mosey to the shelter, step ups IC x? (lost track), decline merkins IC x10 Mosey down the path, bear crawl at bridge 1, lunge … More 6/26 at The Depot

6/22 at The Vet

Weather: 50, clear and calm. Perfect Pax: GTL, Snaphook, Nomad Warmup: SSH IC x20, WP IC x10, IW IC x10, Arm circles, IC 10 forward, 10 backward, 10 burpees OYO, mosey around the Palladium Thang: complete a round, run a lap around the green. Each round, add an exercise. Round 1: 5 reps of exercise … More 6/22 at The Vet

Mixed Bag at The Vet

Weather: 54, clear, calm…awesome Pax: Pantalones, Butterfly, Beefsteak, Snaphook, Clancy, Wilson, Nomad Warmup: SSH IC x20, WP IC x10, IW IC x10, arm circles forward, backward, cherry pickers all IC x10, Moroccan night club all IC x20, 10 burpees OYO, mosey around the reflecting pool Thang: 50 total hr merkins, do 5 burpees after every … More Mixed Bag at The Vet

6/8/21 at The Vet

Weather: 69 and humid Pax: Brickyard, Slider, GTL, Chippy, Nomad Warmup: Thunderstruck w/ SSH and burpees Thang: full body starting from the top Mosey to the Palladium and circle up, Moroccan night club, cherry pickers, shoulder pretzels, overhead clap…25 IC for each exercise Dips, 25 IC Australian pull-ups, 25 IC Incline merkins, decline merkins, regular … More 6/8/21 at The Vet