Circle Up

BackBlast: Circle UpDate: 2/23/22AO: Blackcat PAX: @Wapner@Jay-Z@Sliot@Stache Pew Pew @Boucher@Piper of BlackCat@Daisy @ArielFNGs: 1 Poleman Q: @BubbliciousTotal: 11 Core Principles, Disclaimer, F3 Mission: “Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.” Free of charge. Yep tOpen to all men.Always Held outdoorsPeer led. End with … More Circle Up

Return of Popeye!

8 PAX in attendance on a calm 10 degree morning. Crabby Po, Jay-Z, Popeye, Boucher, Daisy, Bubblicious, Sliot, Stache (QIC) WARMUP: Maestro lap Grass pickers IC x 10 Calf stretches Finkle swings x 10 Hip flexor stretch Willy Mays Haze Leg stretches oyo Batwing x 10 Arm stretches oyo Chest stretch Back stretch THANG: Run … More Return of Popeye!

Best/Worst Bermuda Ever

BackBlast: Best/Worst Bermuda EverDate: 1/24/22AO: Blackcat Weather: 25F Snowglobe PAX:Jayz, Pew Pew, CrabbyPo, PopeyeFNG: 0Q: Bubblicious Total: 5 WARMUP:Maestro LapDerricks x10 ea. leg OYOHairy Rockettes x10 ICFlying Nun x10 OYO THANG:Bermuda’ish Slowsey with Blocks. -Carry blocks for 60secs between each exercise for active recovery time. 20 burpees20 Crossover Merkins20 Skull Crushers20 Grave Diggers20 Swings20 Uphill … More Best/Worst Bermuda Ever

Happy Deuce Day

BackBlast: Happy Deuce Day Date: 2/2/22AO: BlackcatPAX: JayZ, Daisy, Pew Pew, Piper, Sliot, Stache, BoucherFNGs: Q: Bubblicious Total: 8 5 Core Principles, Mission, Disclaimer Warm-Up: SSH, Seal Jacks, Abe Vagotas, Not Worthies, inch worms w/ 3 merkins (x5) The Thang: STATION 1-2 tire flips this way, 2 tire flips that way, 22 step ups or STATION 2-2 LatinX Jumping Bean burpees, … More Happy Deuce Day

Sore to the Core

6 PAX in attendance on this somewhat windy 22 degree morning. Bubblicious, Boucher, Jay-Z, Daisy, Gasman, Stache (QIC) WARMUP: Maestro Lap, Grass pickers IC x 10, Calf stretches, Willy mays haze, hip flexor stretch, sprinklers, chest stretch, back stretch, forward arm circles x 10, reverse arm circles x 10, arm stretches OYO. THANG: Mosey to … More Sore to the Core

Leggadega 500

8 Pax in attendance on a bitter 11 degree morning: Bubblicious, Boucher, Piper, Pew Pew, Jay-Z, Crabby Po, Daisy, Stache QIC WARMUP: Maestro lap Hip flexor stretch Quad stretch Grass pickers IC x 10 Calf stretch Willy Mayz Haze Stretch OYO Motivator from 10 THANG: “Leggadega 500” Pyramid style workout, all exercises with the blocks. … More Leggadega 500


Backblast: OriginsDate: 1-3-22AO: BlackcatPax:  @Sliot, @JayZ, @Maestro, @boucher, @PewPew, @Stache @daisy FNGs: 0Q: @BubbliciousTotal: 7 Warmup:Derricks x10 ea. leg ICHatching Butterfly x10 ICSSH x20 IC The Thang:+ Merkin x10+Wide Merkin x10+ Diamond Merkin x10+ Decline Merkin x10 1 x Maestro Lap +The Dolly x20 IC+ Flutter Kick x20 IC+ The Little Baby Crunch X20 IC+ Gas Pumps x15 … More Origins

Modified 11’s

6 PAX in attendance on a beautiful 51 degree gift from the big guy upstairs. Pew Pew, Daisy, Boucher, Sliot, Bubblicious, Stache (QIC) WARMUP: Maestro lap Hip flexor stretches Quad stretches Willy Mays Haze Grass pickers IC x 10 Calf stretches Large F. arm circles IC x 10 Large R. arm circles IC x 10 … More Modified 11’s

BB for Boucher

2 PAX in attendance on a windy 24 degree (but felt like 15…) for Thursday morning run club. Stache & Sliot WARMUP: Stretching accompanied by light groans. THANG: 3.75 miles @ 8:40 pace Started at the penalty box, followed the car path to admire the lights. COOLDOWN: Walked a Maestro lap and stretched MOLESKIN: Only … More BB for Boucher