21 SEP 2021 Tundra

2 pax posted. 5 core principles, disclaimer and then alternating lunges, shoulder pretzels and weed pickers for warm up Thang- lotta tabata. 1:10 work, :20 rest. 10 exercises. 2 rounds with 2 minutes between rounds. Jump lunges, calf raises, merkins, burpees, shuttle run, air squats, step ups, shoulder taps, hand release pushups, bear crawl Mary: … More 21 SEP 2021 Tundra

Cylon Workout

5 pax at Tundra today for a Cylon workout. Inspired by those red lines on the Cylons helmets we worked our way around the path at Tundra. @pontoon19, hanson, kindergarten cop, tulip, @spudzaborowski Warm up – 2 laps, arm circles and weed pickers Thang- 12 exercises. Each done for 2 minutes with 30 seconds rest … More Cylon Workout

09 February Backblast

6 pax posted at #aotundra for the $400 Pyramid. @spudzaborowski @pontoon19 @f3khaki @f3motorboat, PVC and FNG Shawn/Sean Warmup: weed pickers x15 IC, arm circles x10 IC, Motivator from 10-1 Thang: Pyramid from 5-10 then back down to 5. Step ups, burpees, lunges, HR T Merkins, big boy sit-ups. Total of 400 exercises. Mary: American hammer … More 09 February Backblast

Tundra Tabata-Rama

Nice morning, low 20s with little wind. 6 pax reporting. Motorboat, PVC, Beefsteak, Tulip, @pontoon19 and Spud. 5 core principles and disclaimer. warmup: Abe Vigoda x15 IC SSH x15 IC Arm circles x10 IC bear crawl to rotunda because walking is too easy. Thang: 4 rounds of 9 exercises Tabata style – 45 seconds of … More Tundra Tabata-Rama

1/7/21 Beatdown

great weather, 30 degrees and light wind. 6 pax here to train at Tundra. @motorboat, @logger, @pontoon19, @PVC, @State and @spud. 5 principles and disclaimer. Warmup: 2 laps around the circle, SSH x15 IC, Air Squats x20 OYO and Arm Circles x10 IC Thang: 10 minute EMOM (7 box jumps, 7 Air Squats, 7 Merkins, … More 1/7/21 Beatdown