Sadly No Music, no Dancing Girls

Marshall’s bluetooth speaker refused to connect so the rotunda did not thunder with motivating music. The dancing girls wouldn’t have shown up anyway. Since Marshall was still fighting with the speaker at 0515, Motorboat handled the warmup and Disclaimer: “I’m not a professional, not responsible, the city of Noblesville’s not responsible, all exercises are suggestions, … More Sadly No Music, no Dancing Girls

Florida Man…

Weather: Almost as warm as Florida here in Noblesville for 5:15 in the morning. 6 Pax showed up for a beatdown borrowed from F3 Suncoast. Warm-O-Rama: Imperial Walkers, Side Straddle Hops, Quad stretches, Invisible Jump Ropes Thang: Catch Me If You Can. When Kneehigh and I were on vacation last week we showed up for … More Florida Man…


14 Pax showed up in the rain for a no-frills ruck in the muck. Ruck from The Hill to Cornerstone. Some Ruckback Merkins Some Ruckback Squats Move along around the church to head back Up the hill to the Northview parking lot.

The Windy Frozen Tundra

Weather: Cold, Clear, and windy Pax: Kneehigh, Motorboat, Khaki, Kindergarten Cop, Pontoon19, Marshall (Q) Warm O Rama: Arm Circles, Side Straddle Hops Thang: Merkins, run around the circle twice, dips step ups, squats. Back down: step ups, dips runaround the circle twice Mary: LBCs, American Hammers, Low Plank, High Plank

Kneehigh’s Monopoly Beatdown

5 men posted at the Tundra for a game of Monopoly. Warm up: side-straddle-hops, windmills, hillbilly walks, weed pickers Beatdown: whatever you roll will be the number of reps (except for holds which are all 30 seconds.) 1(‘mericans) 2(squats) 3(low plank) 4(carolina dry docks) 5(dips) 6(lunges) 7(Al Gore) 8(mountain climbers) 9(burpees) 10(Turkish getups) 11(wall sit) … More Kneehigh’s Monopoly Beatdown

Downrange Family Q

My brother Huggies from Louisville did this morning’s Q: Disclaimer Mosey to lower parking lot  COP (circle of pain)30 SSH IC5 BOYOS20 Imperial walkers IC20 Toy soldiers ICRunners stretchesKendra Newman’s Mosey to the shuttle hill 11’s8 count body builders at bottomSquats at the top Mary while waiting on the 6 Mosey to grassy area for Jack … More Downrange Family Q