Missed Opportunity Workout from the 1st

Jan. 3 Weather: 20-something degrees out – it was cold.  Lots of jumping around to stay warm as I talked too much. PAX: Brickyard Logger State Khaki Headlock Maize Pink Panther Swayzee Disclaimer: We are not professionals. We don’t know your fitness levels.  F/3 and Northview are not liable.  Know your limits and modify. Warm-Up … More Missed Opportunity Workout from the 1st


Hose Work

  10/09/2018 The Hill Q: Swayzee PAX:  Paula Dean (Naperville), Zamboni, Headlock, Omaha (Lake Norman), DC, Pop, Brickyard, PVC, Khaki, Cornwallis, Logger, Wolverine, State, Cosmo Thank you to our guests this morning.  We hope your stay is pleasant and we appreciate the long distance brotherhood.   We were blessed to have had unusually warm and … More Hose Work