38 degrees and soggy Jay z crabypo pew pew Bambi IM Piper Maestro Smell good and humdinger Q Warm up Meastro lap Arm oyo legs oyo Grass pickers IQ Thang Mosey to happy place ALARM 1 Motivator from 7, squat jumps 10, LBC X25, Lap around the petting zoo, 10 burpees ALARM 2 Merkins IC … More ALARM

I hate running

9 pax posted in the morning. Warner Jay-z IM Daisy crabyPo Humdinger Popeye Pew-pew Meistro Warmup Arm circles x10 reverse x10 IC, Grass pickers x15 IC, Leg stretches OYO, Meistro lap Thang 1 Mosey over to the front side of the pool- 3 light poles 1 burpee, Run back 2 then 2 burpees– ending in … More I hate running

Stairs again?

4 Pax posted Wapner Jay-z Piper Humdinger Weather: cool mid 50s with a slight breeze. Meastro lap Grass Pickers IC Willy Mays Hays OYO Arm circles Q count X10 and reverse Arm stretch- right over left/left over right 15 Merkins IC Mosey to bottom of stairs Thang Stairway to 7– 1 burpee 1 merkin, up … More Stairs again?

Leg Day

10 PAX posted this morning.  Weather: calm and humid Wapner CrabbyPo Piper meastro IM Tip toe Jay-z Daisy Gas Man Humdinger VQ Warmup Maestro lap Arm Circles IC x15 (reverse) Abe Vigodas IC X15 Willy May’s Hays OYO Grass Pickers IC x15 Motivator from 5 mosey to the basketball court thang 49 states it’s just … More Leg Day