Pit Run Day

The Pit 9-22-2021 Pax: Square, Proximity (Q) Weather: 51 degrees, feels like 48 Welcome, disclaimer, 5 core principles, f3 mission Warm: SSH, AV, WP, IMP Walkers, KWAT Thang: Mosey around the Pit parking lot + 20 box jumps at the wall Mosey around the Target + stops for HR merkins Mosey around Lowes and Target … More Pit Run Day

IPC Week 2

The Pit – 9/14/2021 Weather: 69 degrees, feels like 70 degrees. Humidity 87%, Wind 1 mph from SSW Pax: Square, Dr. Porkchop, Proximity (Q) Welcome, 5 Core Principles Warm: Stretching, SSH, Imp Walkers, WP, CH Squats, Little Baby Arm Circles, Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles Thang: Mosey to the schoolyard IPC Week 2: Round 1 … More IPC Week 2

99s at the Pit

The Pit – 9/9/2021 Weather: 58 Degrees, Feels like 58 Degrees, 83% Humidity, Wind 1 mph from NNW Pax: Cornwallis, Square, Proximity (QIC), Dr. Porkchop Welcome, disclaimer, 5 core principles Warmup: SSH x19, WP x 9, AV x 9, Shoulder Taps x 9, Imp Walkers x 9, Copperhead Squats x 9 – All IC Mosey … More 99s at the Pit

Bday Beatdown at the Pit

The Pit – 8/26/2021 Weather: 72 degrees, 90% humidity Pax: Cornwallis, Square, Proximity(Q) Welcome, 5 core principles WarmUp: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Copperhead Squat, Pistol Squats Imperial Lunge walk to the Stairs Quick mosey through the Target parking lot Thang: Single leg burpees at the overlook Rolling Pistol Squats Mosey to the Rock pile … More Bday Beatdown at the Pit


Date: 7/31/2021 Pax: Cheeseball, Wooly Dutchman, Proximity (Q) Weather: 64 Thang: 13.55 miles from Glendale straight east on 62nd to Fall Creek and back up the Monan. Moleskin: Fun to ride with Cheese and Wooly. Always amazed at how much Cheeseballs knows about the area – history lesson for sure. Lot of jeep talk as … More FallCreekRide-ThePit

Benches and Walls

The Pit – 7-22-2021 Weather: 60s Pax: Cornwallis, Square, Caspian, Keytar, Proximity (Q) Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles Warm Up: SSH IC AV IC Weed Pickers IC Copperhead Squats IC Imp Walkers IC KWAT IC Mountain Climber to Imperial Walkers IC Run to the steps and up and down 3x Thang: Mosey to the Cinderblock … More Benches and Walls