Kids Games

5 men posted for a workout where we didn’t have to “act our age”. Disclaimer: We aren’t kids anymore, so you might have to modify today. Warm Up Pass ball – catcher gets out of one burpee CLIMB (Crucible merkins substitute d for iron cross) Stretch The thang Our first game was tag. We had … More Kids Games


6 PAX showed up in the Gloom to Rinse and Repeat and Rinse and Repeat. This was our first HIIT workout and boy did we feel it at the end. Here’s what we did: Warm Up Jog SSH High Knees Windmill Butt kickers Mummy Kicks R&Rx3 The Thang Mini Rocket Burpees B-Ball Ct Merkins Air … More R&R

Burpee Circuit

Five men triumphed over the battle against their fartsack button on their alarm and posted in the gloom of Friday the 13th Eve. The disclaimer was read, in full, until the third line and then summarized, “It’s not our fault. Modify.” so we could jump right in. Warm Up Motivator from 4 Merkivator from 4 … More Burpee Circuit

Easy…on the legs

Four men posted in pretty perfect conditions to “continue working out while giving Brickyard’s bum leg a rest”. I added “Modify if necessary” and “We workout on uneven ground” to my disclaimer because of Brickyard’s foot-getting-caught-in-a-hole experience on Saturday. Here’s what we did: Warm Up: SSH Windmill Goofballs Mosey to bottom of Hill The Thang: … More Easy…on the legs


Four men posted on a brisk Saturday morning…and I didn’t tell them we were doing a MURPH. Warm Up PiYo (aka fast yoga) Warrior 1 Warrior 2 Warrior 3 Stretch Mosey to Park 10 pull ups 20 merkins 30 squats Run a lap R&R x 10 Mary LBC x 20 Flutter Kicks x 20 R&R … More Murph


Weather 69F with 97% Humidity Four men met in the Gloom to see how much we could sweat in a 60 minute period. The rooster was crowing and the Emu was ready to race, so when 0700 hit we were off!   Disclaimer (F3 & TPA are not liable)   Warm Up SSHx20 Windmill x10 … More Smorgasbord