Flip to Failure at Ground Zero

4 PAX Teddy Bear, Cheeseball, Cosmo, DC(Q) Disclaimer, Principles, Stretch Thang: Mosey to first quadrant -Merkins to Failure–hold skydiver till all PAX fail -Heals to Heaven till failure–hold coach roach till PAX is done Second Quadrant -Merkins till failure—Knee Merkins to Failure -American Hammers w Rock to failure–Drop the Rock…American Hammers  -Rock in each hand….curls … More Flip to Failure at Ground Zero

Humpty Dumpty

GRIZZLY for Humpty Dumpty 4-30-2021 62* 0wmph PAX Einstein, Kitty, Coyote, Pappy, Teller, DC (Q) Disclaimer/Principles Warmup The Thang Over the Wall x6 Mosey for short Grissly lap Muscle Ups x10 Mosey to Busniesses Motivator x7 BTW w Wall Walk around bldg Mosey to Wall Wall Sit w shoulder pretzel and cherry pickers DC Scissors  … More Humpty Dumpty


THE HILL – LYCAB April 29, 2021  60* w Heavy Rain 8 PAX PVC, BumbleBee, Headlock, Snitches, ACE, FNG Denvon Love, Snookie, DC (Q) Disclaimer/Principles Warmup The Thang Seal Merkins  Sumo Squats  DC Scissors  Wide Merkins Single Leg Lunges Alternating Flutter Kicks Diamond Merkins Alternating Flutter Kicks Planks w stress positions On your gut Superman … More LYCAB


GROUND ZERO – NEVER FORGET 4-22-21  34* 2wmph PAX x3  Kitty Cat, Zamboni, DC (Q) Mumblechatter, Disclaimer, Principles WarmUp -Motivator from 5 -Weed Pickers w Clap (this warmup is suppose to loosen YOUR hips as well as your legs sooooo when you come ALL THE WAY UP, push your hips all the way forward) -ISTroopers … More NEVER FORGET

Counseling with Cindy

OWLBEAR 4-12-21 Counseling with Cindy 63*/1wmph/cyclones of bugs/ x3PAX Quick, Kenny, DC (Q) Disclaimer/Principles The best counseling for Cindy tonight was a reintroduction of the Deathstar bc women love to make up their own stories of events and get worked up for no reason…..lmao THANG -warm up lap ROME DeathStar Rows, Over Head Press, Merkins, … More Counseling with Cindy


GRIZZLY GRISTLE 21 1-27-21  25* @5mph PAXx13 Einstein, Herby, Coyote, FNG Tim VanDyke, Cheeseball, Wolly, Kitty, Wrigley, Cosmo, Commodore, Pappy, Fantana, DC (QIC) Disclaimer/Principles WARMUP Slow Weed Pickers  x10 Bear Lap THANG/MOLESKIN Grizzly Gristle 21 was a rinse and repeat of Monday evening with Zoolander at OwlBear……………with a few modifications…..so, PAX grabbed a bolder and … More GRIZZLY GRISTLE 21

Gristle at Grizzly 1-20-201 23*  Wind 5mph X8 PAX Brickyard, Herby, Cosmo, Pappy, Einstein, Coyote, Nomad, DC(Q) Disclaimer/Core Principles/Warmup THANG -Mosy- short lap -Motivator x5 -DIPS on the Hill -Mosy to Pylons -Snake through Pylons -Wall sit with Shoulder Pretzles -Wall sit with Cherry Pickers -Mosy to Outhouse -Balls to the Wall w Chicken Peckers … More

Vet the Vet

1-19-21     25* @2mph x7 State, Snaphook, Wilson, Nomad, Maize, Brickyards Face, DC Mumblechatter/Disclaimer/Core Principles/Warmup THANG -Mozy to mini Amphitheater for a Motivator from 10 -Incline Merkins on the Risers x10 -Recon Mosy for a BTTW w Chicken Peckers -Mosy to stairs for Dips x all of them -Jaywalk to Tunnel ala Brickyard -Dirty … More Vet the Vet


  32* @0mph 11-18-2020 5 PAX: Pappy, Cosmo, Jackie Moon, Kitty, DC-Q Disclaimer/5 Core Principles THANG -Over the Wall x6 -Walking Balls to the Wall around the outhouse -Block Rows x20 -Cindy Squats x20 -Upright Rows x20 -Block Curls x20 -Forarm Curls x20 -Calf Raises x20 -Altermating Merkins 20 secs -Block Rows x20 -Balls to … More CINDY at THE WALL