F3 Family Game Gloom

Slackblast:F3 Family Game GloomDATE: 2022-04-27AO: #aoblackcatQ: @CrabbyPOPAX: @ariel @Boucher @Bubblicious @Bueller @Daisy @Gasman @Jay-Z @Stache @WapnerFNGs: NoneCOUNT: 10WARMUP: Shoulder Pretzels IC x 20Bat WingArm Stretching OYOLeg Stretching OYOGrass Picker IC x 20 Short Mosey to tables THE THANG: Family Game Night in the gloom F3 style.  Pax were explained the rules of the board game. … More F3 Family Game Gloom

Climb Time on the Hill

DATE: 2022-03-30AO: #aoblackcatQ: @CrabbyPOPAX: @Boucher @Stache @Piper of BlackCatFNGs: NoneCOUNT: 4WARMUP:Maestro LapArm/Leg Stretching OYO  Shoulder pretzels IC x 15Grass Pickers IC x 15 Mosey to the bottom of the Hill THE THANG: CLIMB Pax started at the bottom of the Hill, Bear Crawl up to the top and performed a circuit of exercises.  C-Crab Cakes, … More Climb Time on the Hill

Legtona 500

BackBlast: Legtona 500Date: 2/21/2022AO: BlackcatPAX: @Bubblicious @Sliot @CrabbyPO @Jay-Z @Stache @Daisy @BoucherFNGs: 1 Stephen GriffyQ: @CrabbyPOTotal: 8 5 Core Principals, Mission, Disclaimer Warm-Up:Arm StretchLBAC forward and Reverse 20 ICHand Release Merkins 10 OYOLeg StretchGrass pickers- 15 IC Thang: Legtona 500 5 leg exercises, with 20 reps, done in 5 sets. = 500 reps of Leg exercises. 20 Squats, … More Legtona 500

Dodge Ball

BackBlast: Dodgeball – Chuck Norris Approves  Date: 2/16/2022 AO: Blackcat PAX: @Bubblicious  @Sliot @CrabbyPO @Pew Pew @jay z @popeye @stache @Dasiy  @boucher FNGs: 0 Q: @CrabbyPO Total: 9 5 Core Principals, Mission, Disclaimer Warm-Up:   Arm Stretch Leg Stretch Grass pickers- 15 IC Bat Wing 20 Calve Raises 10 IC Mosey to BSD Thang: Dodge Ball Split the PAX into two separate … More Dodge Ball


9 PAX braved the chilly temperatures this fine Wednesday morning. In no particular order… Boucher Sliot Stache Pew Pew Daisy Jay Z Piper Bubblicious Crabby PO QIC WARM UP: Maestro Lap Arm Stretching LBAC forward & reverse IC x 10 Leg Stretching Grass Pickers IC x 10 THING: Two Minute Swap Q placed two cones … More 50-100-300

Murder Bunny Hill

8 Pax conquered the fart sack this morning and reported for a rather humid start to their day. Latte Sliot Boucher Pew Pew Humdinger Jay-Z Daisy Crabby PO (QIC) Warm Up: Maestro Lap Leg Stretching OYO Grass Pickers IC x 15 Arm Stretching OYO Bat Wing IC x 15 Thang: 11’s on the Hill with … More Murder Bunny Hill

Spartan 3.1 1/2

7 PAX posted.  Weather was nice. Jay-Z Boucher Daisy Stache Bubblicious Pew Pew Crabby PO QIC Warm up: Leg Stretching OYO Shoulder Pretzels IC X 15 Arm Stretching OYO Grass Pickers IC x 15 Bat Wing Mosey to the far edge of the Happy Place. Thang: Spartan PAX performed 80ish yard sprint followed by 10 … More Spartan 3.1 1/2