Bermuda Triangle, destroyer of arms

Bermuda Triangle- destroyer of arms
DATE: 2022-09-09
AO: #aoblackcat
Q: @Daisy
PAX: @Bueller @CrabbyPO @Jar Jar @Jay-Z @Stache @Heat Pump @Boucher , Pew pew
FNGs: None
Albatross wing
Leg stretch
Bermuda Triangle with arm heavy exercises at each location

Playground: 10 rep each, pull ups, dips, dirty hook-ups

Large shelter: 10 rep each; abyss merkins, incline merkins, decline merkins

Bath house; ATM

60 second plank
60 second pickle pounders


Great getting back out in the gloom with an arm heavy beatdown. As usual- Albatross wing brought much grumbling as the arms started burning early! The brevity of a break for arms was welcomed before the Thang continued to push. Good effort was made as laps around the triangle were completed. In total- not counting the reps of albatross wing- 315 reps were completed working the arms. Adding albatross; over 500. Great way to wrap up the week!!!!! Hoping the arms get recovery over the weekend and everyone comes back with friends on Monday for a great start to the week!!!!


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