4/27/2022 Cosmo’s Murder Bunny Fun 

Warm Up

Imperial Walkers 25 IC
Al Gore w/Front/Overhead Claps 15 IC
Sun Gods – 15 IC
Carry our blocks to the parking lot hill
The Thang
Muder Bunny hill climb and run – 10 Murder Bunnies, run back to start, Repeat until we get to the top of the hill (est. 100 yards)
While at the top of the hill
Shoulder Raise/Extension 15 IC
Curls 15 IC
Skull Crushers 15 IC
Block Lunge Walk down the hill 60 steps
Reverse Murder Bunny to complete the downhill (est. 35 yards)
Overhead carry, farmer carry (L/R) back to the wall
Low Plank Walk up/back 25 IC
Flutter Kicks 25 IC
Mini Gumby (full body)
38 F Clear, no wind
PAX: Piddles, Pappy, Kitty, Cosmo (Q)
Great morning with these PAX.  Not much mumblechatter during the Murder Bunnies, even less on the return trip, but everyone worked hard and finished strong.  The Shoulder raise/extensions seemed to make everyone happy, especially the Q.  Mini-Gumby was a hit, YHC stated there are more of these to come as the weather warms up.
Nice work men, keeping it going and giving it away!
Always a priviledge,




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