Top Gun

4-25-22 at Grizzly 60 and raining. 3 Pax reporting @greeter @kitty @Coyote (Q)
Disclaimer Given, 5 Core Principles, and Mission.
*** WARM UP ***
•  SSH IC x50
•  Weed picker ICx15
•  Imperial Walkers ICx11
•  Armorama – Arm Circles, Arm Pretzels, Raise the roof ICx10
*** THANG ***
10 min EMOM workout
Rotate through 10 reps of 5 different exercises on repeato. Every minute on the minute you hit a danger zone exercise then get back into the work you left off.
Round 1
10 reps each of:
– Curls
– Rows
– Around the World’s
– OH Press
– Merkins
Danger Zone – 2 Man Makers
Mosey a lap around the playground to check our flight path.
Round 2
10 reps each of:
– Dips (on the picnic table)
– Squats
– Clean and Press
– Calf Raises
– Lunges
Danger Zone – 2 Thrusters

Slowsy 100m to check for MIG’s
Round 3
10 reps each of:
– Block Slides
– Block Press
– LBC’s with Block
– Flutter Kicks with Block
– Lawn Mowers
Danger Zone – 2 Catalina Wine Mixers
*** MOLE SKIN ***

It was raining so we headed for the Shelter. The Top Gun Workout was tougher than I thought it would be but a solid effort was given by the pax to complete it without modifying.  Prayers for safe travels for Coyote and Greeter this week.


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