867-5309 Beat Down

4/26/22 at Ground Zero. 39 degrees and calm. 4 pax reporting. @Nomad @Biscuit @CheeseBall @coyote (Q)

Disclaimer Given, 5 Core Principles, and Mission.

*** WARM UP ***
• Weed picker ICx15
• SSH IC x20 (1st 5 counted IC and all pax had to do silently to 20 and end at the same time.)
• Armorama – Arm Circles, Arm Pretzels, Randy’s, Wonder Woman’s

*** THANG ***
867-5309 Beatdown
Round 1:
Set up EMOM timer for every 2.5 minutes
8 Burpees, 8 Squats, 8 Merkins
Mosey around the park until timer goes off
6 Burpees, 6 Squats, 6 Merkins
Mosey around the park until timer goes off. Reapeato through the whole phone number 867-5309 (0=10)

Round 2:
Same set up but the exercises were Big Boys, Shoulder Taps, American Hammers. EMOM set to 2 mins.

Mosey back to the flag and do 2 reps of each exercise.


*** MOLESKIN ***
Good work today. Glad all pax don’t hate running. Exercises ended up being 50 of each. Good to catch up with the Cheeseball, Biscuit, and Nomad. Prayers for Odysseys family friend who had the camping accident. Prayers for safe travels for Coyote and Greeter this week. Thanks for the honor to lead.

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