A little bit of Dora

DATE: 2022-04-22
AO: #aoblackcat
Q: @Daisy
PAX: @Boucher @Bubblicious @Bueller @CrabbyPO @Gasman @Jay-Z @Stache
FNGs: Jar jar, pew pew, heat pump

Shoulder pretzels 20IC
Moroccan night clubs 21IC
Sprinkler 10IC
Grass pickers 15 IC
Willie Mays Hayes OYO
Stretch tightness OYO


Mosey to basketball courts

Mosey to bottom of the hill
Heartbreak 123

MARY: 60 seconds each
Jar Jar- Crunchy Frogs
Heat pump- leg raises
Bueller- World War II sit ups
Jay-Z- pickle pointers

Gasman is in a boot letting the swelling reduce before surgery on his ankle. Has committed to keep bringing Jar Jar for the time being- but 8-12 week recovery after surgery- prayers

Daisy asked for family prayers and God’s wisdom on things happening at home.


YHC needed a Q excuse to get his butt out of bed and start the recovery process on no more fartsacks! The mission- a personal merlot splash! We were close, but fell just short. Dora did not disappoint with her suicides and hill runs. Comment was made that we aren’t sure that we have ever done back to back Dora’s. There may have been a reason as arms and legs definitely were getting heavier! Great effort by all and a wonderful chatter about the discovered disposal of Jay-Zs cd collection from what appeared to be his “early years.” While taunted and razzed- in the end we all agreed that it was a solid collection, even if he claims Celine Dion belonged to his M. Glad to be out and back at it in the moist conditions. Looking forward to some sore muscles and rebooting for Monday! Hope to see you all in the gloom to start a fresh week- and wrap up the month of April strong!


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