1/17/2022 – Cosmo’s Birthday Block Party 

Warm Up

SSH 55 IC  (yessir 110 total)
Sun Worshipers (back bends) 20 Single Count
Arm Circles both directions 10 IC
Cherry Pickers 10 IC
Wonder Woman circuit (front arm circuit) each exercise 10 IC
Carry blocks to the hill heading up to the storage facility
The Thang
Murder Bunnies up the hill (10 paces up, run back to the start & repeato)
5 – 11s (55….get it?) – 5 exercises, 11 reps each
Round 1 and 2
Skull Crushers
Toe Raises
Block Press
Round 3
Block Push (straigt out from chest)  NOTE:  Not a good idea
Block Raise (straight arm, arms locked) See note above
Step Downs from the block
Rocky Balboas
8-count man makers
Overhead block carry to the second light pole (down the hill)
Bunny Murders (backwards Murder Bunnies) to the next light
Overhead block carry to the road
Carriers’ choice back to the wall
Mary (with the block) – 5 exercises, 11 reps each
In the morning IC
Flutter Kicks IC
Gas Pumps IC
Flutter Kicks IC
Flutter Kicks IC
27 F Breezy on the hill
3 brothers posted for my birthday today and worked hard throughout the workout.  Wonder Womans are always fun b/c of the thought of boobies while working out is always a good thing…at least this group thought so.  YHC brought sufficient jokes for the morning, but these trailed off when the Murder Bunnies and running started.  8 Count Man Makers is always a crowd pleaser.  Spaceballs and Pappy expressed dissatisfaction with Round 3 (inspiring hte notes), but made the Q happy none-the-less.
Thanks to these guys for the coffee-teria afterwards and Pappy for his treat of a good cup of Ohana coffee!
Nice work men!  Awesome to Q again and to share my birthday queue with you today…way to work hard and grumble enough to make my day!
Keep at it and keep passing it out…it matters.
Always a priviledge,



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