Backblast: Origins
Date: 1-3-22
AO: Blackcat
Pax:  @Sliot, @JayZ, @Maestro, @boucher, @PewPew, @Stache @daisy
FNGs: 0
Q: @Bubblicious
Total: 7

Derricks x10 ea. leg IC
Hatching Butterfly x10 IC
SSH x20 IC

The Thang:
+ Merkin x10
+Wide Merkin x10
+ Diamond Merkin x10
+ Decline Merkin x10

1 x Maestro Lap

+The Dolly x20 IC
+ Flutter Kick x20 IC
+ The Little Baby Crunch X20 IC
+ Gas Pumps x15 IC

Long Mosey to the Shelter House then slowsey to the hill.

Jacobs Ladder x7

1 xMaestro Lap

Read note from Qrusade/Campos founder Jeff Guillebeau:
“Qrusaders (if you last),
Blood, Sweat, Toil & Beer will breed a deep regard called Brotherhood. If you give yourselves to this endeavor, you will find it, and it will find you. I hope you reach a point today or ~Wednesday – where you want to quit. So, in the union of men, “you against you” becomes a public and/or common struggle. It’s here you will see there is much more in you that you’ve withheld – or in your weakness you’ve rationalized away.

It’s time, but if you don’t care, we won’t care either.

What’s it gonna be, son??”

Mosey around park eventually stopping at small shelter house for 1min of People’s Chair.

Mosey back to flags.

Final Introduction to basic exercises:
+ Side-Straddle Hop x20 IC
+ Squat Thrust x20 IC
+ Mountain Climber x20 IC

Recover, recover

Announcements: Blackcat is jumping into Slack.

First Saturday of the month there will be bonus workouts at new locations like Prairie Creek Park or Camp Cullom. More to come.

Prayer request: That the men of F3 persevere through life’s challenges and refuse to take the easy road. Easy has a cost.

Moleskin: YHC was encouraged by the positive vibes of the PAX and response to a little history lesson from the first F3 workout ever. We will continue pounding our phones with bigger rocks until Slack works for us. We are determined monkeys. Excellent effort fellas!

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