The Mountivatee

Gloomcast: 63 degrees and playfully pleasant.

9 Pax:

  • Piper
  • Jay-Z
  • Crabby Po
  • Stache
  • Daisy
  • Wapner
  • Bubblicious
  • Sliot
  • Boucher (QIC)


Maestro C.A.P. Lap

Grass Pickers (IC) x 10

Motivator x 10

Flying Sun Gods Sobriety Style (IC) x 10 each leg fwd and backwrd

THANG: The Mountivatee

  • Hill running motivator with Burpees – 10 hill laps then 10 burpees, 9 hill laps then 9 burpees, 8 laps then 9 burpees etc.
  • Paula Abdul suicide on steps.


Dealers choice


Popeye’s late night partying got the best of him again which prevented him from joining the fellow PAX who put put up a valiant effort on the historical Mountivatee. The beatdown was close to being tainted by Sliot’s mathematical formula to explain the burpee stops on the Mountivatee but was saved by Bubblicious’ Sparknotes version. Outside the excessive amount of mumble chatter that was displayed, yet frowned upon by the Q, the winky seemed to play, especially combined with the most masculine type of playlist. The Q marks it up as a successful physical test to lead the PAX into the weekend.

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