IPC Week 4 @ The Depot

Weather: 61 degrees, clear with a nice breeze

Pax: beater, khaki, teddy bear, hanson, CheeseBall (q)


• Exercises are to be done in sets of 25 reps.

After completing 25 reps, run to the cone that is 25 yards away and do 3 burpees.

• After the 3 burpees, run back and continue with exercise.

• Exercises

• 200 curls

• 175 squats

• 150 Overhead Press

• 125 Kettlebell Swings

• 100 Merkins

• 75 Thrusters

• 50 Bonnie Blairs (right leg-left leg = 1 rep)

• 25 Blockees

• If you finish all of the exercises, go back to the top and start over.

• The burpees DO NOT count in your rep count.

• 900 reps is the total if you get through all of the exercises.


@beater -1152
@Khaki -1125
@CheeseBall -925
@Hanson -925
@Teddy Bear -875

Moleskin: stopped at White House donuts on the way so we could sugar it up after. Luckily beater came prepared with the list of exercises since YHC didn’t write it down properly and left the KB swings off. Also glad that he brought a rape measure to accurately figure 25 yards (it’s just math after all) since I had and extra 2/3 yard in my foot measurement. Khaki and beater absolutely crushed it. Hanson and YHC a happy with where we finished and we were all excited to see Teddy Bear back out after a 2 months long hibernation. He killed the beat down, especially since he has not been out in a long time.

Appreciate the encouragement from all the pax to finish ipc 2021!

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