IPC Week 4 at Grizzly

55 and calm. 5 Pax reporting for IPC week 4.  Greeter, Pappy, Spaceballs, Kitty, @Coyote (Q) 
Disclaimer Given and 5 Core Principles.
Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
*** Warm Up ***
•       SSH IC x20
•       Weed Pickers IC x10
•       Arm Circles IC x20
•       Arm Pretzels IC x10
*** The Thang ***
IPC Week 4 – MaryAnnes Mayhem
52:30 Time limit for rep count
After every 25 reps, run 25yd and do 3 Burpees
200 Curls
175 Squats
150 Overhead Presses
125 Kettlebell Swings
100 Merkins
75 Squat Thrusters
50 Bonnie Blairs
25 Blockees
Recover Recover
*** Moleskin ***
IPC is over for 2021.  Great job everyone. It was hard this year, but we all did it.  Life is hard so this helps prepare us for life. Prayers for Greeters weekend travels and for his brothers wedding. Prayers for Spaceballs family metal health.

*** Grizzly Results ***
Spaceballs 897
Pappy 895
Kitty 885
Greeter 875
Coyote 771


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