Don’t let your partner down block party

Weather: perfect

Pax: Beater, Motorboat, Sarge, KC, Commodore, Wilson, Pontoon, GTL, Square, Biscuit, McStuffins, Spud, Nomad

Warmup: Goblet squats ic x10, Curls ic x10, OHP ic x10, 5 mm IC

Thang: Partner up…set timer for 10 min, farmer carry laps on the 400 m as many as you can while partner runs along side. When you drop, partner does 5 burpees, switch who carries after the drop and repeat for as many laps as you can until time expires.

Deduct number of laps completed from 10 OYO MM (if you completed 2 laps, do 8 MM…etc.)

Find a new partner for Dora: 100 back squats, 200 OHP, 300 curls as a team. Timer is your partner Zamp carrying to the light pole and back. If your partner has to put the block down, pause on counting.

Recover, recover

Moleskin: wow. What an awesome morning! Perfect weather, great group of guys, probably 9 or 10 were able to stick around for coffee after. Everyone worked hard. I always appreciate a partner workout because of the accountability, the camaraderie, and the extra push! Have a great weekend, men!

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