Day of the Hammer

09/29/21 at The Hill

Weather: 57° and no wind 👌

Disclaimer and core principles given

Ultimate Frisbee

Swan EH’d FNG-Adam at the shoe store yesterday. Many a hammer was thrown today, most were successful. Cornwallis had cat-like reflexes. Spaceballs obliterated the tips of my fingers. Snaphook threw probably 20-30 of his signature jump passes, but unfortunately the yardage didnt count toward his stats because he was ejected for interference and unsportsmanlike trash talking. Sub-Zero came in at the end with one of the fastest running catches I’ve ever seen. Jerseys had the first half but shirts brought it back in the second. Good game!

Ended with a COT and PBTF

PAX: Kindergarten Cop, Swan, Spaceballs, Faceoff, Clancy, Sub-Zero, Chirp Chirp, Biscuit, Wilson, PVC, Snaphook, Khaki, Cornwallis, FNG-Adam, Bumblebee Q

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