Tires are back

7 Pax posted on a clear 64 degree morning. Stache, Boucher, Jay-Z, Sliot, Crabby PO, Daisy, Piper ( QIC)

Warm up:
Maestro lap
Sprinklers x 20 IC
Grass pickers x 20 IC
Arm stretch OYO
Leg Stretch OYO

15 KB swings
10 box jumps
10 hanging leg raises
5 pull-ups
Tire flip x 5
Maestro lap
10 burpees- reduce one each lap
Rinse and repeat

Plank – no time for the rest of Mary

Moleskin: PAX made good on the tire liberation from the petting zoo, thanks again to Shamu. Mumble chatter was limited with everyone spread out. Shout out to Daisy and Crabby for battling with injuries and still posting and giving their all. Question of the day was posed by Sliot, “When you pray for me do you pray for Sliot, or my birth name?” Good effort given by all today.

Please remember to reach out to Jay-Z regarding the flower arrangement. Thanks for taking the lead Jay-Z.

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