Big EZ – Monday, Sept. 27, 2021

A very strong 15 PAX showed up to get the week started off right. Welcome, 5 Core Principles, Not Responsible, Modify, Carry to the Car….

SSH, Weed Pickers, Abe Vigodas, Imperial, Runners Stretch with arm rotation mosey to….

50 Rocky Balboas into a Lunge Lap around the small circle. Mosey to….

Partnered up. One PAX on the wall and one traversing the short lot with an exercise and then a shuffle back.

Rd. 1 – 20 Step Ups/Lunge

Rd. 2 – 20 Step Ups/Bear Crawl

Rd. 3 10 Wall Jumps/Crab Walk

Rd. 4 10 Wall Jumps/Broad Jump

Mosey to…..

Partner up and switch partners every round

Rd. 1 – Combined 75 Merkins – Run to the other side and back

Rd. 2 – Combined 100 WW1’s – Run

Rd. 3 – Combine 200 Squats – Run

Rd. 4 – Combine 300 LBC’s – Run

Mosey to…Mary

Flutter Kicks

Pretzel Crunches

Low Dolly

American Hammers



Strong showing today of 15 men. Music was going for the last partner workout. A mention was made that the previous playlist of 70’s hits was not as appreciated as a random sampling from Q’s odd playlist. Noted by the Q for future reference. Mumble chatter was at a normal level. As George Costanza would say about a 2.0 Grade Point Average, “Not showing off…Not lagging behind.”

At COT, Beefsteak handed the Site Q duties and flag to McStuffins. Very thankful for Beefsteak and what he’s done and excited for McStuffins to take over as well. Mention of filling up the Q spots already for Oct. with some of the veterans very willing to give up their spots for V-Q’s of which we should have some coming up with Baio, Ten Point, Tofu and Hoffa more than able to get one in prior to the end of October.

Prayers for Butterfly and his family as they are going through a multitude of things and some major life decisions right now.

Always an honor to lead and just inspired to share the morning with so man HIM.

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