Pyramid of Suck II

Weather 46, clear, crisp







Pew Pew



Wapner QIC



Grass pickers IC x15

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Hillbilly walkers IC x15

Tempo squats IC x10

Side squats IC x10

Sit & reach, cross overs, butterflies

Runner calf stretches


Mosey to Bob Sanders

Run to first pole Jump squats x10 and back

Run to second pole Flutter kicks x20 and back then first pole Jump squats x10 and back

And so on…. third pole Lunges x30, fourth pole SSHs x40, fifth pole LBCs x50 and back down x40, x30, x20, x10

Mosey to flag


Hello Dolly IC x10

Rosalitas IC x10

Gas pumps IC x10



PB immediate reaction that Wapner and Bob Sanders don’t go together was a point well taken. The bum shoulder left YHC to look back through old Qs for one with no arm activity and this came out on top. It seems the Q neglected the fact that his conditioning was much better the first time around.

Leg centric warmup led straight into the return of the Pyramid of Suck, which given the last time was over two years ago, this would be the virgin experience for some of the PAX. All had forgotten the original pyramid, but should remember it after this climb up and down.

The workout proved to be more cardio heavy than Q remembered or anticipated and most were gassed after completion of the pyramid. Nice bit of running with high volume of exercises built in. 4 count flutter kicks added up to 560 and 2 count lunges added up to 300. Add in the jump squats and there will be a lot of sitting to rest legs this weekend. Enough sneaky cardio to earn the Q an unexpected new name the “King of Cardio”.

The group was one Boucher or other PAX away from another DDM. There was speculation that a couple of the PAX were whisked away to a romantic long weekend together under the stars in NYC, but no one could confirm.

It was determined that acceptable forms of currency for Jay-Z include cash 💵 (no Venmo or other forms of electronic payment), bushels of corn, produce, and fine beaver pelts. Upon discussion of the 🦫 Pew Pew was given a preemptive aloha.

Q looked like a technology deficient old fart by screwing up the video and not recording it. We can try again on Monday. Keep members of our group and their families in prayer this weekend and do some EHing from the couch. Let’s get 3 DDMs next week.

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