IPC Week #3 The Vet

Weather : 55 and calm.

Pax: Dr. Porkchop, Beater, Waldo, Klinger, Snaphook

WarmO: WeedPickers, forward arm circles, Kick w a Twist, reverse arm Circles, SSH & warm up lap.

Thang: IPC #3

“B” the EMOM

Set the timer for 2 minutes. Exercises to be done are below. run 50 yds at the buzzer and resume reps.

  • 50 Kraken Burpees (3 hand release merkins to a burpee = 1) 
  • 400 m run
  • 50 BDE burpees (burpee, to a Bonnie Blair/jumping lunge (1 on each leg), to a squat = 1)
  • 800 m run
  • 50 Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunge (right leg-left leg= 1)
  • 1200 m run

Beater 29:30

Klinger 33:19

Dr. Porkchop 37:12

Waldo 36.32

Snaphook 38:14

Moleskine: Pax did excellent, not much chatter on a IPC day, good to see Porkchop at the Vet. Beater finished up warming up for his block party Q tomorrow by finishing IPC #3 (for 3 consecutive days). YHC was concerned about post event hip pain, underestimated the Krakens (OUCH). IPC can most definitely mess w your head, the knowing what is coming isn’t always great. The beauty of it is hearing all the pax encouraging each other along the way. COT- Prayers for Jenny and Jason, safe travels for Klinger. Namo-PBTF. See you next week, only 1 more to go!


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