3 Year Anniversary

Weather: 55 and breezy. Great workout conditions, but strange feeling a slight chill.

Pax: Acorn, Toga, Snooki, FaceOff, Nomad, McStuffins, Logger, PVC, Biscuit, State (Q)

Warm-up–Weedpickers x 15(IC)/Arm Circles Optimus Style (one legged)/Motivator x 5. ((I looked it up, Nomad made us do a Motivator x 15 for his VQ))

Thang: Today was more or less my 3 year F3 anniversary and I wanted to incorporate my favorite exercises that some of my F3 brothers have unleased on us over the years.

Logger (my F3 Godfather): mosey to wall on north side of the church and dirty hookups x 20 and side lunges x 2

Cornwallis–4 min fartlek (30 seconds hard run/30 seconds mosey and end up in the west lot)

  1. Nomad-10 HR Merks-broad jump-10 HR and BJ back
  2. Snooki Beater—10 carolina dry docks –bear crawl-10 CDDs=crawl bear
  3. Brickyard—10 crab cakes-crab walk—10 cc—backwards crab
  4. Snaphook—10 prisoner squats—lunge walk—10 smurf jacks—lunge walk
  5. Khaki—16 merks/16 squats/16 big boys—run ***we did the McStuffins instead. 10 eccentric squats/run/10 merks/run
  6. KC/DC—20 shoulder taps/run/20 monkey humpers/run–these guys love to run
  7. Cheese Boat—10 diamond merks-carioca/10 gets ups/carioca
  8. Bumble bee–3 cards from the workout deck–jump squats/freddy mercury/mountain climbers
  9. Beefsteak–circle burp

Mosey to rocks to pick your Peter in honor of Headlock.

30 curls–load those guns

30 squats

20 presses

20 swings

Cosmo- (my Name Father)-typically we think yoga. but we did wall sits and passed a rock back and forth 2x. I think he had us do that once

Mosey back toward fishbowl. Zamboni calf raises x 15IC

Moleskin: The temperature was great for a beatdown and I was pumped to see 10 out the hill. Bumblebee and Optimus are at the Ryder Cup, but were here in spirit. Headlock has work commitments and is in the greatest city on earth (Dallas, TX), but was also here in spirit. Khaki didn’t show, so we didn’t do his tribute exercise. Thanks Logger for EHing me. I have enjoyed the past three years immensely and have gotten so much from the experience. Keep giving it away! Prayers for those we have lost recently, and prayers and praise for McStuffins as he permanently takes on a big job at the VA!

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