Ladders at Grizzly 9.22.21

High 50’s, steady rain, glorious. Headed directly to picnic shelter for disclaimer, core principles, mission statement. 7 pax present – Coyote, Cosmo, Wrigley, Spud, Piddles, Greeter, kitty (Q).

Warmo- all done ICx15…Overhead Claps, We’re Not Worthy’s, Kick with a Twist, Hillbilly Walkers, SSH.

Thang- Ladders (up the ladder, dad joke at top of ladder, back down ladder)

Ladder 1 – Arms

10 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 Merkins, 30 Dips on bench, 40 Shoulder Taps (2=1), 50 Moroccan Claps (Moroccan night club + OH Clap). Loosened up our arms with impromptu Arm Pretzels x15 IC.

Ladder 2 – Legs

10 Never Surrenders, 20 Bobby Hurley’s, 30 Step Ups (15 each leg), 40 Squats, 50 SSH.

Ladder 3 – Abs

10 Bay City Scissors (8ct IC), 20 Crunchy Frogs, 30 Freddy Mercury’s, 40 American Hammers (2=1), 50 Flutters (2=1).

Recover Recover.

Moleskin – Kept it a variety today so as to not burn anyone out before IPC fun on Friday. Dad jokes were…well, dad jokes. With Cosmo and Wrigley in attendance you know things went in the gutter quickly, but made for good mumblechatter as we pushed through the ladders. Best joke goes to Coyote…”why did the mermaid where sea shells? Because she outgrew her B shells.” Finished right at 6:15 with Mary built in as final ladder. Reminder to bring diapers for the donation drive. Prayers for being consistent and persistent in our efforts and goals, fighting off the urge to be lazy. Very fitting thought from Greeter, well suited to the men of F3 working to beat sad clown syndrome. Praises for Coyote’s 2.0’s (daughter’s) birthday today – 15 years old! Praises for marriage as Kitty and Piddles celebrate their 15 year anniversaries tomorrow (to their M’s, not eachother #opentoallmen). See ya’ll next week! Aye!

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