Blocks with Cards!!

5 pax at Grizzly Monday Sep 20- Teller, Greeter, Coyote, Kitty, Pappy (Q)  

70 and rain 

Mosey to pavilion 

5 principles and disclaimed 

Warm Up 

20 IC Side Straddle Hops 

15 IC Imperial walkers 

15 IC Weed Pickers 

10 IC Arm circle forward 

10 IC Arm circle backwards 

100 OYO air presses 


Deck of Death with a block. (app messed up so some cards were repeated)

Card value = reps, Jacks 11, queen 12, king 12, ace 14 

Heart= Chest Presses 

Diamond= Kettlebells

Spades= Clean and press 

Clubs= Curls 

1st Joker = 10 Man makers 

2nd Joker= double the reps on the next card 


IC 20 Block Flutter kicks 

IC 15 Block LBC 

15 IC Lat Block LBC 

15 IC Lat Block LBC opposite side 

15 IC Cosmo

Recover recover 

Mole Skin 

A lot of Chatter about this week’s IPC, lots of burpees to think about until Friday. Not a lot of conversation otherwise as the workout kept of moving.


Prayers for us all to not be lazy or complacent with where we are. Prayers for Greeter and wife.

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