Little arms, BIG legs

62 degrees, clear skies, dew covered grass- sounds like a perfect morning for a beat down and 11 PAX showed up to make it happen! Jay-Z, Piper, Wapner, Sliot, Stache, Bubblicious, Ariel, Boucher, Pew Pew, Shamu, Daisy-QIC


  • Albatross wing
  • Legs OYO

Aiken Legs

Indian run to stairs

Thang- Stair laps with exercises at 4 corners

  • Round 1- squats
  • Round 2- lunges
  • Round 3- jump squats
  • Round 4- Merkins
  • Round 5- skaters
  • Round 6- jump lunges
  • Round 7- calf raises
  • Round 8- alternating shoulder taps
  • Rinse and repeat until time

Indian run back to flag

Leg blaster


  • Box cutters- 15IC
  • LBC- 20IC
  • Flutter kicks 10IC


Great morning for a workout! And it was nice to see the group reach DDM status this morning. As promised- heavy on the legs- but when seen what arm exercises were in store- much groaning was heard. Legs were pushed as the combo of leg exercises and stair laps soon brought a burn. Chatter throughout could be heard regard- being voted most likely to show up to a basketball game drunk, how to guarantee romance at home (ask Shamu), among many other topics. An abundance of laughter was had during the workout. Add the retrieval of tires from the petting zoo, Piper holding on to his one day lead, and prayers for Maestro’s mother and family along with prayers for Hummdinger’s brother and it was a full morning that I think we can put in the success category! Looking forward to more success on Monday! These are truly the days where our F3 group overflows the heart with blessings for so many reasons. Thankful for the men, the group, and the opportunity to take part! See you all in the gloom next week!

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