Friday Fun Day

PB mentioned pulling fun things

Weather: upper 50s and clear

Pax: Blades, Pontoon19, Slider, Motorboat

Disclaimer, Core principles, Mission

Arm pretzel
Arm Circles
Kick with Twist
Side Straddle Hop
Tempo Merkins
Tempto Squats

3 Pax do the exercise while the 4th pax drags an 80# sandbag about 75 yards downhill and back up
Low squats
1.5 Squats on the block
Split Squats
Jump Tucks

Wall Curls
High Pulls
Tricep Kickbacks
Overhead press


3 way Knees to chest tucks
Knee Slides
Heaver presses
Flutter kicks

Recover Recover
COT and Prayers.
We could all use prayers

NMM: YHC thinks that he might have scared people off with the preblast. It was a good time with the mumble chatter. I hope you guys all push yourselves to do something tough today. Continue to push hard and lead your communities!

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