IPC Week #2 at The Vet

Weather 55: damp turf.

Pax: Waldo, Sarge, Combine, McStuffins & Snaphook.

Disclaimers and Core’s announced

WarmO: Weedpickers, Abe Vigoda’s, SSH, Arm Circles

IPC # 2. Crazy 88’s.

Round # 1. 8 burpees- sprint to sideline, 8 more… up to 88.

Round # 2. 8 Squirls- squat w coupon curl on the down. carry to sideline, rinse and repeat 11 sets to 88…

Round # 3. 88 OH Presses, Rifle carry to sideline, 88 more, rifle carry back.

Round # 4. 88 X-Factors, Bear Crawl to sideline, 88 X-Factors, Crawl Bear back.

Moleskine; Pax crushed it, great effort. grunting and encouragement echoed off the walls of offices and multi-family structures. not a lot of mumble chatter. Combine and McStuffins tried to encourage YHC by whispering inspirational things to envision to complete the X-factors. I was grateful to bear crawl away from that. Waldo thought he modified a little, but he may have done 104 Squirls so we will call it even. T-Claps to Sarge for inspirational effort. Combine @ F3 Evanston won a smiley face sticker for best Crawlbear form and furthest travel to post. Stuffins got two stickers, 1 for doing this two days in a row, 2nd for beating his time.

COT/PBTF. Lots of Diapers delivered today, keep it up. keep EH’ing efforts up as well. See you next time.

  • Sarge 49:15 Respect/Respect
  • Waldo 44:07
  • McStuffins 29:58
  • Combine 36:02
  • Snaphook 47:27

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