A HIIT of Yoga

Weather: 56 degree, clear starry sky, couldn’t be more perfect.

PAX: Headlock, Bumblebee, Ringo, State, Wrigley, PVC, Logger

Disclaimer Given

Warmup: 20 SSH, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Windmills, 15 Seal Jacks, 10 Weed Pickers


HIIT – 1:30 of exercise and 2:00 to run and 5 burpees. Exercises were Mericans, Squats, Vups, Carolina Dry Docks, Bonnie Blairs, WWII Situps, and Dirty Hookups. Burpee total was 35.

Yoga – Started with toe touch and butterfly. Transitioned to Warrior 1 and 2. Then stretched our torsos with a long lunge with a torso twist. Chest stretch using the wall. Finally some runners stretches and finished with Downward Dog.

Moleskin: We were all happy to be avoiding IronPax Week 1. Mumblechatter was around HIIT lasting too long and Yoga not long enough.

The lower lot was filled with cones, apparently set up for something. Some concerns were that Q set them up for something terrible. Q did contemplate a new plan that would involve the cones but we stayed on course. Over by the church, the dead bird situation was a little out of control. Northview needs to but something on the windows to prevent birds crashing into them. During Bonnie Blairs, we could would all relate to the dead birds.

Felt good this morning, loved the great company. Always a pleasure, Logger


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