Bonus Beat Down @ The Hill 8/26/21

5 PAX decided to not play ultimate and instead do a beatdown: Short Stick, Pontoon-19, Face Off, Motorboat, CheeseBall (Q)

Weather: 72, Humid

Warm Up: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers – All done with Ultimate guys

Similar beat down to Beaters beatdown @ The Vet… At bottom of the stairs, do a shoulder/chest exercise, then run up stairs for a core exercise, then run down path, rinse and repeat.
Total reps for each “round” = 100
90 Merkins – 10 Big Boys
80 dry docks – 20 reverse flutter kicks (plank, raise one foot, then drop it, then raise other foot)
70 wide merkins – 30 low dollies
60 diamond merkins – 40 freddie mercuries
50 – chuck norris merkins (knerkins) – 50 flutter kicks 
40 merkins – 60 j lows
30 dry docks – 70 shoulder taps 
20 wide merkins – 80 lbc
10 diamond merkins – 90 lbc

Moleskin: I was planning something similar to this, but then read beaters BB and liked the 100 idea. I felt pretty good about it since motorboat had a few complaints (maybe I shouldn’t feel good because 60 diamond merkins are way too many!). Was a really good sweat! Was great to see Short Stick out without bubble bath! Thankful that his mom brought him out.

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