The Pit

Pax: DR FNG (now known as Bettis) from Lexington), DR Woodrider, Square, Proximity, Cornwallis Q

Disclaimer, Core PRINCIPLES


SSH x 20, IST x 10, Weedpickers x 10, Windmill x 10, arm circles 10 each direction


Run to BR park and back stopping along the way for these exercises

5 burpees in front of LA Fitness

10 Dips IC and 10 incline merkins IC

Rocky balboas x 20 IC

10 pull ups

10 box jumps

10 squats IC

10 crab cakes IC

10 dips, 10 derkins IC

5 burpees in front of LA fitness

10 dirty hookups and 1 min wall sit

Sprint to finish


Flutter kicks, rosalita, low dolly, lbc, heels to heaven, in the morning/at night, touch them heels and I minute low plank

Recover recover!


– today was about getting more run endurance in prep for IPC.

-great having 2 DR pax and thanks Woodrider for bringing out an FNG now known as Bettis! Hope you can start posting in Lexington. Great pax and AO’s there!

– great job today. My favorite was working out in front of LA Fitness seeing as people pay to do that and here we are free of charge and creating better men and leaders. AKA fighting to defeat sad clown syndrome

– keep posting! Keep EHing!



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