A Hoopin’ good time!?!?!

62 degrees, with humidity that made it feel like 80. Foggy morning for 7 PAX that wanted to start the week out right; Jay-Z, Sliot, Piper, Boucher, Pew Pew, Humdinger, Daisy-QIC


  • Shoulder Pretzels- 20IC
  • Sprinkler with legs- 10IC
  • Side lunges- 10IC
  • Willie Mayes Hayes OYO
  • Hand release Merkins- 15IC
  • Stretch tightness OYO

Indian run to the basketball court


Dora 1,2,3,4: Merkins, Squats, LBC, Overhead claps

Thang 2:

Knockout- once knocked out, perform exercise until game is over; game 1- Squats; game 2- Defensive slides

Thang 3:

Pick your poison shot:

Lay-up- made shot- all do 10 Merkins/ missed shooter does 10 burpees

Free-throw- made: 10 merkins/ only 5 by shooter. Missed- 5 merkins/ 10 by shooter

3-pointer- made: 20 squats & 5 mike tysons/ shooter does just the squats. Missed- flapjack

Half court: made 5 burpees/ 5 tysons; shooter just the tysons. Missed flapjack

3/4 quart- made 10 burpees/ shooter SSH until they are done. Missed- flapjack

Full quart- made: 20 burpees; shooter victory lap; missed- flapjack.

MOM: Bruce Lee Set


Another humid morning to keep the sweat pouring in August. A late night for Wapner allowed for Piper to close the gap in the competition, after Piper missed several opportunities last week. As Dora led off the beat down, grumbling of “I thought this was supposed to be fun,” began to echo on the court. After the “warm up” fun ensued with a couple of games of Knockout. It was made interesting as the lights were unable to be turned on, and the nets would not let the balls drop through. So it added to the workout by having to jump and knock the ball loose for the next player. Game 1 winner, Humdinger and 2 winner Sliot. A lot of squats were done for Daisy who was knocked out first in game one….. count was lost very early on. Nice to hear cheering and support during the games. Pick your poison- not a lot of makes. Going to have to work on some shooting drills it appears. All in all, a lot of motion today for a good sweat for all. Prayers continue for our brothers with COVID, Stache and Bubblicious, and especially Humdinger’s brother who is having a hard fight. Also prayers for Maestro as he recovers from his procedure. It appears now more than ever is a time for us to reach out to each other and support those that need supported and lean on those we can lean on. This brotherhood is a special bond we have. Praise God for the men of this group, and the light and love we can give to each other and the world around us. Wapner 7-6.

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